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Clean Marble Surfaces?

Marble floorings are very popular for decorative purposes among homeowners. It gives a vibrant look and subtle touch. From floorings to countertops, marble adds elegance and class to the interior. Indeed, it is one of the greatest investments. Never ruin your investment from getting damaged. The marble floor cleaning requires industry-specific knowledge and expertise to get rid of stubborn stains, dirt, and germ particles.

Using acidic products like tomato juice, bleach, wine, lemon juice, or milk leave a negative impact on the marble surfaces. Some spills and stains also destroy the shine on the marble surfaces. Moreover, it attracts germs and pathogens that can also negatively affect your health. It causes permanent damage to the marble surfaces. Hence, you need to replace the damaged surface with a new one. It disturbs your budget.

Read this article to find 4 interesting DIY tips for cleaning marble surfaces. These DIY tips are proven to clean the marble surfaces with greater efficiency. First, determine the type of floorings before using these tips.

1# Cleaning Cluttered Marble:

Cluttered marble has a resin finish that is non porous and has excellent resistance against stains. It is more durable than natural marble. However, it requires special treatment for removing dirt, grease, and germs.

You can use white vinegar for cleaning cluttered marble floorings. Dampen a rag with white vinegar and leave it there. Gently wipe down the surface with a microfiber cloth to carefully remove all the spills. Ideal Cleaning provides the best marble polishing services in Dubai at market competitive rates.

2# Removing Stains From Marble Surface:

Different types of stains including oil-based, rust, or organic stains are usually very challenging.

  • Use an iron-out rust remover for removing rust stains from marble floorings.
  • Use a soft liquid cleaner, mineral spirit, household detergent, and ammonia to remove oil-based stains from marble floorings.
  • Use a mixture of 6% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to remove organic stains from the surface.
3# Cleaning Marble Countertops:

Keeping your marble countertops free of dirt or germs is a very challenging job. Never use any acidic product including lemon juice, vinegar, or bleach for cleaning marble countertops. It creates pores and makes the surface dull.

Use a dish wash soap and warm water for cleaning marble countertops. Combine both ingredients and spray them on the surface. Leave it for a short duration and then rinse the entire area. Always hire expert technicians for floor cleaning because they are equipped with the latest tools and machinery to provide the desired services.

4# Cleaning Marble Floor:

Maintaining shine and luster on marble floorings is very important. If you do not clean spills immediately, it destroys the beauty of the marble floorings. Using conventional cleaning products can damage marble floorings.

Apply a mixture of ammonia and distilled water on the floor. Leave for a few minutes and then rub the entire area with a microfiber cloth.

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