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Do you have window cleaning on your to-do list? If yes, you are at the right place. Window cleaning is one of the things we get used to if living in Dubai. Windows get pretty dusty and dirty in Dubai because it is surrounded by deserts. Some villas, offices, and buildings have large glass windows to create a bright living space. But those windows lose sparkle and shine because of the build-up of dust & dirt. Moreover, the use of inappropriate cleaning solutions & lack of tools also harms window glass. Stop worrying about it and hire a team of professional window cleaners.

If you are living in a home, you have to take care of window cleaning yourself. If you own an office, you hire a team of window cleaners. Cleaning the exterior of the window is a challenging job. Some high-rise buildings require proper machinery to reach and clean windows. Hiring a team of commercial window cleaners can solve this problem. They carry out the services by surveying your building to analyze what would be the best possible strategy for window cleaning.

Ideal Cleaning is a high-end window glass cleaning company in Dubai offering the best services for residential, commercial, and industrial window cleaning. The quality of our window cleaning procedures is second to none ensuring 100% satisfaction of our clients. Our fully trained staff guarantees that your windows are cleaner than ever before. If you are living, moving, renting or buying any property in Dubai, hire our professional window cleaners for world-class services. Keep your windows squeaky clean & dust-free with us!

Our professional window cleaning in Dubai makes sure that your windows stay clear all year round. Our window cleaners are certified by Dubai authorities to ensure 100% satisfaction of clients. The experienced window cleaners offer a wide range of options for windows of all sizes and designs to tailor the frequency of office, home, apartment or villa window cleaning. We are ready to serve you 7 days a week as per your flexible schedule. Our dedicated cleaners keep on reviewing the quality of your service to ensure a good experience. Your services are delivered at a fixed time to win your trust and reliability.

Our professional cleaners visit our place and analyze all the aspects to design a customized approach for window cleaning. For Dubai window cleaning, we have the right equipment to clean the exterior & the interior of windows. Generally, we use high-pressure brushes for cleaning interior & exterior of buildings. We only use 100% purified water, microfiber cloth, and eco-friendly window cleaning solutions to ensure zero damage to the window glass. Our experienced window cleaners make sure that no marks are left after the window is dried.

Our glass cleaning company takes care of all aspects of window cleaning. We are equipped with the right machinery to reach the windows on high floors (up to 6 floors high). All the technicians are trained to ensure the highest standards of work by avoiding all uncertain conditions. We make sure that window glasses keep protected all the time. Just sit back and relax!

We offer market-competitive rates for cleaning windows. Our villa window cleaning in Dubai starts from just AED 599. For a 3 bedroom apartment, we cost AED 299 excluding VAT. For a 5 bedroom apartment, we cost around 499. For commercial or industrial window cleaning, ask us for quotes. We also offer free estimations for window cleaning. However, the estimated rates may vary from actual rates because of evolving market trends. Get your quotes now!

Our Exclusive Window Cleaning Services:

We offer all kinds of window cleaning services. It includes:

  • Residential Sectors
  • Commercial Sectors
  • Industrial Sectors

Please specify your place and requirements at the time of booking to avoid inconvenience. We hold the expertise to go beyond your expectations.

Why Choose Our Window Cleaning Services?

  1. 24 hours flexible schedule for bookings
  2. Ensure high-quality window cleaning services
  3. Professional, licensed, and experienced cleaners
  4. Offer upfront rates
  5. Offer exterior & interior window cleaning
  6. Offer free estimates
  7. Equipped with the latest machinery
  8. Use eco-friendly & non-toxic solutions
  9. Offer customized window cleaning services
  10. Believe in 100% customer satisfaction

Schedule your window cleaning in Dubai services with our certified cleaners today to get the best services at affordable rates. If you have any queries, feel free to share them with us. Our customer care representatives are active 24×7 to solve your problems. Keep visiting our website to find more exciting news.


Ideally, window cleaning services start from AED 299 (excluding VAT) for a three bedroom apartment. The charges depend on the size of windows, total number of the windows and type of treatment required for cleaning.
The average cost of cleaning all the windows in a house starts from AED 499 (excluding VAT) for a four bedroom apartment. However, the charges may vary for featured windows, hard to access windows and type of treatment required for cleaning all the windows.
Ideally, windows should be cleaned at least twice a year to ensure maintenance of your house. It helps to maintain a clear view, keeps allergens away from your home, increases shelf life of window glass and enhances aesthetic views.
First, they use a strip applicator dripped in window cleaning solution to loose dirt and debris without leaving scratches. Then, they use a professional-grade squeegee to wipe clean the windows. In the last step, they use a wrung-dry chamois or microfiber cloth to absorb remaining drips.
Window cleaning depends on the size and type of windows. Ideally, it takes approximately 2 hours to clean 1800 square feet window in your house. Please share the size of your window with our expert cleaners to find estimated time for cleaning.
Generally, mild seasons such as spring or autumn are the best for cleaning windows because moderate temperature makes it easy for professional cleaners to work outdoor while cleaning windows.
Ideally, early morning is the best time to clean windows. As windows have direct exposure to sunlight, it becomes easy to clean windows when temperature is low. Moreover, low temperature decreases the degree of evaporation of cleaning solutions and leaves no streaks on the glass
Usually, eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe window cleaning solutions are used for cleaning windows. All leading window cleaning solutions contain ammonia that is one of the best surfactant and strong enough to clean stains for cleaning windows without leaving streaks.
Window washing involves washing the windows with water and using a squeegee to remove dripping water. Window cleaning involves using high-pressure techniques along with professional-grade cleaners that leave no stains on windows.
A mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% hot water is completely safe to use on windows. It is highly effective and non-toxic to remove stains, germs, dirt, debris and accumulated pollens on the surface of windows. It is also mild disinfectant and maintains shine on the surface of windows.
When you hire a team of professional window cleaner, they not only clean the window glass but also clean window frames & sills. Always contact an experienced service provider to ensure safety, effectiveness and professionalism.
You can also deep clean window yourself. Buy a safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly window cleaner for cleaning windows. Spray it on the glass. Use a professional-grade squeegee to wipe your windows from top to bottom. If you see streaks on the glass surface, clean it until it is clear.
Approximately, window cleaning lasts for 3-6 months. It depends on the area, weather conditions and type of glass. However, you can prolong the duration of cleaning window with proper care and maintenance. Moreover, you can follow tips of your professional service provider to increase longevity of the procedure.
The professional window cleaners use high-grade squeegee to clean the windows without leaving streaks. It is a rubber bladed tool and blades can move in multiple directions to clean all corners without leaving streaks.
Yes, window cleaning increases return on investment. According to a survey, it increases value of home up to 70% because it gives a clean, shiny and well-maintained look to the façade of building. Always hire a team of certified window cleaners to ensure professionalism.

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Jimy RAJimy RA
12:40 29 Nov 22
I had spent a few weeks searching online for a reliable end-of-tenancy cleaner, having had some bad experiences in the past. I was very happy to find and choose Ideal Cleaning Cleaners! They were able to accommodate all services I was looking for (including deep cleaning of carpet and cleaning of the balcony) and were quick to answer any questions I had. The cleaning quality was of a very high standard and when my landlord requested additional touch ups the team was very helpful in resolving them under their 7-day guarantee. Overall Ideal Cleaning Cleaners did an excellent job and I am very happy with the results – thank you!
Kain CoxKain Cox
04:42 25 Nov 22
Your team just finished cleaning my windows and I just wanted to say how great they were. The windows are clean (naturally!) but the guys were so pleasant, as well as on time, quick and professional. Anyway, I thought they were great.High recommend Ideal cleaning.
Sami JohanSami Johan
17:58 22 Oct 22
Great service! booked the night before and the cleaner was here 9 am sharp! probably first time someone did a very good job on cleaning the apartment. Great service! easy to pay online and hassle free. I really like this cleaning company👍👍
Zoya AliZoya Ali
17:49 21 Oct 22
My experience with ideal cleaning was a very positive one. Workers were on time and professional. My duct/fan clean was a job some others refused because of the grease build up but they were dedicated and got it all sorted out. A+ for price, quality of service and being in time. Received certificate and photos.
Rehman ShaRehman Sha
17:44 12 Oct 22
Excellent job done by ideal cleaner and same day service. We had stains all along the carpeting in the communal area of our house and Deep Clean did a great and professional job. We have used other service providers before and they are the best we have found. Highly recommended.

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