Disinfection Services

Disinfection Services

Microbial contamination leads to several health issues. The surfaces exposed to microbial cross-contamination can create safety issues. Traditionally, disinfection and sanitization methods are used for this purpose. The COVID-19 pandemic high-jacked the entire world. Deaths and serious respiratory problems left everyone questionable about the prevention of deadly microorganisms. A surge in the production of cleaning solutions and microbial contaminants was observed. But we need professional assistance for the removal of germs. Hire a team of experienced and professional cleaners for disinfection and sanitization services at affordable rates.

There is a difference between disinfection, sanitization, and cleaning. General deep cleaning involves removing dirt, dust or germs. It does not involve killing germs. Once you have completed deep cleaning, germs can come again immediately. But sanitization and disinfection procedures prevent the future growth of germs. Sanitization means lowering the number of germs to a safe level. On the other hand, disinfection includes the killing of bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Sanitization and disinfection procedures also prevent the future growth of microorganisms.

Ideal Cleaning is a professional disinfection company in Dubai offering effective disinfection and sanitization services at very affordable rates. We can secure indoor and outdoor spaces from microorganisms to create a healthy environment. Our certified and licensed cleaners use novel techniques and time-tested methods for removing germs. We ensure 99.95% removal of bacteria, viruses, molds and other microorganisms.

Our certified cleaners only use non-toxic, eco-friendly, and effective chemicals for disinfection and sanitization. As we offer expert sanitization and disinfection services in Dubai, we use long-lasting solution solutions to create protective barriers to fight against all microorganisms. We offer the highest level of disinfection services than others in the market that mitigate the risk of all kinds of microorganisms and germs. Schedule our sanitization and disinfection services for your homes, villas or offices!

Our certified and professional cleaners have industry-specific knowledge and are equipped with the right tools for this job. Our trained cleaners follow environmental health & safety, biohazard, and pathogen decontamination guidelines to establish the trust of our clients. We follow the regulations designed by The UAE Ministry Of Health to ensure the removal of pathogens and microorganisms. Book cleaning and sanitization services in Dubai to reduce your stress level, minimize allergy flare-ups, reduce respiratory problems, and reduce offensive odor!

Benefits Of Our Disinfection & Sanitization Services:

1: Offer Full Coverage

Our customized disinfection and sanitization procedures offer a full coverage to all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas via our targeted sanitization services. All the procedures are effective against airborne and surface-borne pathogens.

2: Ensure Guaranteed Services

Our time-tested disinfection procedures ensure a guarantee against the spread of COVID-19, Influenza, ARS, HIV, MRSA and other deadly microorganisms.

3: Affordability

We offer monthly & annual disinfection services at very affordable rates. We only use high-quality cleaning solutions and industry-grade tools making our services long-lasting & reliable. Hence, it reduces your financial burden associated with booking disinfection or sanitization services periodically.

4: Longevity

Our time-tested procedures ensure the killing and removal of pathogens for up to 30 days. However, we recommend you book our reliable services every month to ensure the complete health of your loved ones.

5: Personalized Approach

We design a personalized approach for the sanitization and disinfection of pathogens. First, our team members analyze the area and understand your requirements. Then, we design a suitable strategy for eliminating germs.

Our Exclusive Disinfection & Sanitization Services:

We offer all kinds of disinfection and sanitization services. It includes:

  • Residential Sectors
  • Commercial Sectors
  • Industrial Sectors

Please specify your area at the time of booking. Our professional team members hold the expertise to go beyond your expectations. Please note that estimated rates are based on the area and type of treatment. However, it may vary from actual rates because of evolving market rates. Get our professional disinfection and sanitization services for your homes, offices or buildings!

Why Choose Our Disinfection Services?

  1. 24 hours flexible schedule for bookings
  2. Ensure high-quality disinfection & sanitization services
  3. Professional, licensed, and experienced cleaners
  4. Offer upfront rates
  5. Deal with all kinds of surfaces
  6. Offer free estimates
  7. Equipped with the latest machinery
  8. Use eco-friendly & non-toxic solutions
  9. Offer customized disinfection and sanitization services
  10. Prevent the transmission of potential contaminants
  11. Believe in 100% customer satisfaction

Schedule your disinfection and sanitization services in Dubai services with our certified cleaners today to get the best services at affordable rates. If you have any queries, feel free to share them with us. Our customer care representatives are active 24×7 to solve your problems. Keep visiting our website to find more exciting news.

disinfection services


The standard sanitization services in Dubai start from AED 149. However, the charges may vary according to the size and condition of the area.
Ideal Cleaning offers the cheapest yet high-quality sanitization services for both commercial and residential sectors in Dubai. We hold expertise to deliver superior services at your doorstep.
The average price of cleaning services per hours ranges from AED 25 to AED 65 in Dubai. The charges may vary as per experience, type of treatment and cleaning solutions used for the treatment.
Measure the square feet area of the building. Multiply it by 2.5 (a constant used to calculate the amount of disinfectant). Divide it by five to calculate the amount of disinfected used.
The disinfection levels depend on its intended application. Critical items require high-level of disinfection. Semi Critical items require low-level of disinfection. Non-Critical items require low-level of disinfection. However, the selection of disinfection treatment is done by vetted individuals.
The three primary methods of disinfection include Chemical Disinfection (use chemicals such as bleach, iodine, alcohol, or phenol), Heat Disinfection (use steam or boiling water) and Ultra Violet Light Disinfection (use UV rays to kill microbes).
The two common methods of disinfection include chemical & physical methods. In Chemical Disinfection, we use chlorine, phenol, alcohol, and bleaching agents for killing microbes. In Physical Disinfection, we use heat to inactive bacteria or viruses.
The most common method of disinfection involves using Bleaching Agents formulated with Chlorine. Chlorinated Disinfectants are highly effective to kill waterborne bacteria, viruses and pathogens.
Disinfection process includes killing of all pathogenic microorganisms on intimate objects. However, it is resistant against bacterial spores because they have tendency to bear extreme harsh conditions and start reproduction when conditions become favorable.
The efficacy of disinfectants depends on intended application. Generally, bleach, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and quaternary ammonium compounds are considered effective for disinfection.
The aim of disinfection procedure is to kill all microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus and other pathogens to create a microbe-free facility for everyone.
70% alcohol is commonly used for disinfection procedures because of its antimicrobial properties. It can easily penetrate into cells and denature both enzymatic and structural proteins necessary for reproduction of microbes.
Hospitals can only use EPA-registered chemicals for disinfection. It includes Quaternary Ammonium, Hypochlorite, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, Phenolics, and Peracetic Acid. All these chemicals are proven to kill pathogens and microbes.
Perform a preliminary room assessment. Clean all disposal containers. Apply disinfectant chemicals to inside and outside of the empty trash bins. Clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces. Remove all visible marks on walls, windows and glasses. Vacuum or mop the floor. Inspect the area to check efficacy of results.
In ICU, low-level chemical disinfectants are used. It includes Sodium Hypochlorite (0.1 %), Ethyl or Isopropyl Alcohol (70-90%), or an Aldehyde (1 %).
Hospitals and health care centers use disinfectants to protect everyone from bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus, and other deadly pathogens spreading diseases.

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Jimy RAJimy RA
12:40 29 Nov 22
I had spent a few weeks searching online for a reliable end-of-tenancy cleaner, having had some bad experiences in the past. I was very happy to find and choose Ideal Cleaning Cleaners! They were able to accommodate all services I was looking for (including deep cleaning of carpet and cleaning of the balcony) and were quick to answer any questions I had. The cleaning quality was of a very high standard and when my landlord requested additional touch ups the team was very helpful in resolving them under their 7-day guarantee. Overall Ideal Cleaning Cleaners did an excellent job and I am very happy with the results – thank you!
Kain CoxKain Cox
04:42 25 Nov 22
Your team just finished cleaning my windows and I just wanted to say how great they were. The windows are clean (naturally!) but the guys were so pleasant, as well as on time, quick and professional. Anyway, I thought they were great.High recommend Ideal cleaning.
Sami JohanSami Johan
17:58 22 Oct 22
Great service! booked the night before and the cleaner was here 9 am sharp! probably first time someone did a very good job on cleaning the apartment. Great service! easy to pay online and hassle free. I really like this cleaning company👍👍
Zoya AliZoya Ali
17:49 21 Oct 22
My experience with ideal cleaning was a very positive one. Workers were on time and professional. My duct/fan clean was a job some others refused because of the grease build up but they were dedicated and got it all sorted out. A+ for price, quality of service and being in time. Received certificate and photos.
Rehman ShaRehman Sha
17:44 12 Oct 22
Excellent job done by ideal cleaner and same day service. We had stains all along the carpeting in the communal area of our house and Deep Clean did a great and professional job. We have used other service providers before and they are the best we have found. Highly recommended.
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