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Are you facing an infestation of ants at your home? Are cockroaches hiding at every corner of your house? Do not worry! You are at the right place. Ideal Cleaning offers the best pest control services in Dubai to get rid of pests safely. Our professional team members design a viable approach to eliminate all kinds of infestations of all kinds of pests. Our specialized team has hundreds of reliable customers who choose us again and again to get the best pest control services in town.

Humidity, high temperature, and arid desert climate in Dubai support the growth of pests. Ants, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, venomous pests, termites, bed bugs, birds, rodents, and other pests find breading grounds under such environmental conditions. Moreover, irregular cleaning and the use of inappropriate cleaning methods also support pests’ infestation.

The pests’ infestation can cause fatal health hazards and lead to chronic diseases. Multiple allergies, infections, gastrointestinal, and respiratory problems are caused by pest infestation. It risks your health, especially kids and elderly people who get infected by these diseases. Never compromise on your well-being. Prioritize the health of your family members. Stop worrying about it and hire our skilled team members to improve your health!

Ideal Cleaning is one of the best pest control companies in Dubai that use high-end equipment and innovative solutions for pest control. Our time-tested methods are very effective in present control and the future outbreak of pests. We have a team of experienced pest control experts certified by the National Pest Management Association, Dubai Municipality, & Green Emirates. We only use approved chemicals for pest control that impose no serious health hazards.

The pests are very different to eliminate. Our knowledgeable technicians are equipped with the latest machinery to control pest infestation from hard-to-reach areas. Our tailor-made pest control services in Dubai fit your needs and provide you with the best pest control treatment to protect your homes or offices. Your satisfaction is our core responsibility. Our dedicated and highly qualified team members understand the customer’s requirements.

Our Exclusive Pest Control Services:

We provide pest control services for the following sectors in Dubai:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Healthcare Units & Hospitals
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industries
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Transport Industry
  • Educational Institutes
  • Laboratories
  • Nurseries
  • Gyms & Yoga Centers

If you want to book pest control services for other than the above-mentioned areas, please let us know at the time of booking. Our experienced team members understand your requirements to serve you.

Service Quality

Our Dedicated Pest Control Treatments:

Our experienced team members hold the expertise to provide the following pest control services:

  1. Green & Organic Pest Control
  2. Traditional Pest Control
  3. Bed Bugs Treatment Pest Control
  4. Cockroach Treatment Pest Control
  5. Ants Treatment Pest Control

Our Four-Step Strategy For Pest Control:

Our experienced team members have designed a specialized four-step strategy for pest control in Dubai.

1: Identification Of Pests

Our professional team members understand pests and deal with them better than anyone else in the town.

2: Set An Action

Once we have identified pests, we set action thresholds to deal with pests in a systematic manner. We design a stepwise strategy to go beyond your expectations.

3: Control Of Pests

We implement our designed treatment for pest control. We use the right tools and approved chemicals for the effective killing of pests. All our procedures are verified to minimize the infestation of pests.

4: Analysis

Once we have completed the entire procedure, we perform some quality assurance tests to determine the efficacy of the results. Moreover, we also educate our customers to prevent future infestations of pests.

Why Choose Our Pest Control Services In Dubai?

  • Licensed, fully insured, and professional team members
  • 24×7 availability of service
  • Identify and treat the main problem leading to pest infestation
  • Use high-quality approved chemicals
  • Use the latest machinery & ultra-efficient tools
  • Offer upfront market rates
  • Provide free estimation
  • Design a customized strategy
  • Believe in customer satisfaction

Price Of Pest Control Services:

Being one of the best pest control companies in Dubai, we provide affordable services to meet your expectations. The average price of pest control services is based on the following factors:

  1. Area of the facility
  2. Types of pests
  3. Level of infestation
  4. Type of treatment
  5. Frequency of treatment

Please share your complete information to get estimated rates.

We recommend our customers booking regular pest control services after every 4 months to maintain their health. Our professional team members are 24×7 available to assist you with any questions about our services. Keep visiting our website to find more exciting deals to live a healthy, clean, & elevated lifestyle.


The average cost of pest control services start from AED 129. However, the rates also depend on the size of the area, type of treatment, and total number of people required for pest control services. Always choose an experienced and affordable service provider to protect your home or office from pests.
Yes, it is totally worthy to pay for pest control services. A professional pest control service provider chooses an efficient, fast, and effective strategy to meet your requirements. They also help to identify the problems at early stage preventing from infestation or costly damage in the future.
It is better to hire a team of professional pest control service providers. They have industry-specific knowledge, equipped with the right tools, and use effective pest control chemicals to deal with large-scale infestation.
Usually, a routine pest control application lasts for approximately 3 months. In case of high humidity, extreme weather conditions, and inappropriate maintenance, we need more frequent treatments to prevent from future infestation.
It depends of multiple factors including location of your house, reconstruction, and age of your house. It is recommended to get pest control services after every 3 months. In case of commercial or industrial units, we need more frequent treatments.
The efficacy of a pest control spray depends on its chemical formula, quality, and power. Usually, a typical spray for cockroaches last for approximately two weeks. You need to reuse a spray to prevent from future infestation.
If you cannot see them physically crawling on countertops, walls, or floors, they are probably gone. If there is no unpleasant smell, cockroaches’ feces or droppings, or cockroachs’ eggs, it is a sign that there are no more cockroaches. All these signs confirm that there is no future infestation of cockroaches.
Always try to avoid mopping or wiping down the perimeter where treatment has been done. It is recommended to wait up to 24 hours after treatment to ensure efficacy of results. It also prevents you from excessive treatments.
Usually, typical pesticides do not wash away with rain water. If it rains up to several days, you have to reschedule pest control services to maintain the efficacy of the procedure. Always consult your provider to ensure the efficacy of results after washing the area.
Eliminate standing water, place all decorative items in airtight containers, cover the furniture, clear sink from dishes, and protect all eatable items from the area of treatment. Always keep away kids, elderly people, and pets from the area of treatment for several hours.
Throughout leftover food, do mild cleaning, cover up the holes, use a damp cloth to clean walls & windows, and always use dishes after washing them. You can properly use your kitchen after 24 hours of the treatment.
Always remove mattresses before fumigation because sulfuryl fluoride may get trap in the mattresses and later on release from it. Hence, it may cause health concerns for you.
Yes, it is necessary to unplug all electronics before fumigation. Cover them with a plastic cover. Turn off all heat sources. As some of the pesticides are flammable, they may catch fire by running electronic items.
Yes, it is necessary to empty out all cabinets, drawers and cupboards before pest control treatment. Some pest control chemicals stick to surface and can cause serious health hazards if consumed.
Do not immediately clean the surface. Eliminate all food sources and leftover items. Try to avoid moisture or water sources to prevent the future infestation. Avoid visiting the treated area. Keep an eye on the future infestation. Always maintain it to prolong the shelf life of the service.

What our clients say…

Jimy RAJimy RA
12:40 29 Nov 22
I had spent a few weeks searching online for a reliable end-of-tenancy cleaner, having had some bad experiences in the past. I was very happy to find and choose Ideal Cleaning Cleaners! They were able to accommodate all services I was looking for (including deep cleaning of carpet and cleaning of the balcony) and were quick to answer any questions I had. The cleaning quality was of a very high standard and when my landlord requested additional touch ups the team was very helpful in resolving them under their 7-day guarantee. Overall Ideal Cleaning Cleaners did an excellent job and I am very happy with the results – thank you!
Kain CoxKain Cox
04:42 25 Nov 22
Your team just finished cleaning my windows and I just wanted to say how great they were. The windows are clean (naturally!) but the guys were so pleasant, as well as on time, quick and professional. Anyway, I thought they were great.High recommend Ideal cleaning.
Sami JohanSami Johan
17:58 22 Oct 22
Great service! booked the night before and the cleaner was here 9 am sharp! probably first time someone did a very good job on cleaning the apartment. Great service! easy to pay online and hassle free. I really like this cleaning company👍👍
Zoya AliZoya Ali
17:49 21 Oct 22
My experience with ideal cleaning was a very positive one. Workers were on time and professional. My duct/fan clean was a job some others refused because of the grease build up but they were dedicated and got it all sorted out. A+ for price, quality of service and being in time. Received certificate and photos.
Rehman ShaRehman Sha
17:44 12 Oct 22
Excellent job done by ideal cleaner and same day service. We had stains all along the carpeting in the communal area of our house and Deep Clean did a great and professional job. We have used other service providers before and they are the best we have found. Highly recommended.

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