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The price of pest control, including disinfection services, is determined by factors such as the type of service you wish to experience, the size of your home, and the level of infestation. However, here we will talk about what price you can expect from the best and the top pest control companies. You have few choices when you call a pest control company. The cost for one time visit is about 918.25 UAE and 2203.79 UAE.

Thus, it costs more than an outgoing visit because, in that case, the technician will have to investigate to diagnose the problem and provide the same treatment in the same visit.

Pest Control Prices of Various Kinds

Generally, the cost of pest control services depends on the various kinds of pest present in your home. It would help if you remembered that the average prices are also affected by the extension of the infestation.

According to a Home advisor, one pest control visit will cost you between 1101.90 UAE to 2020.14 UAE

But unfortunately, some companies can only provide partial services in one visit. You might need repeated treatments. If any technician tells you about various treatments, the initial visit costs range from 550.95 UAE to 1101.90 UAE.

Cost for Periodic Vista

To maintain the plan, the periodic vista will cost you from 146.92 UAE to 257.11 UAE. It will depend upon your pest control needs that occur monthly or quarterly. The quarter plan will cost you between 367.39 UAE to 1101.90 UAE. However, the annual pest control will typically cost

 you 101.90 UAE to 1836.49 UAE.


Pest Extermination: It is used when there is an existing pest problem. Different services can be provided, including insect traps, insecticide sprays, and fumigation of your home.

Frequency of service :

The more frequently they visit, the less they cost. If you sign up for a pest control plan with regularly scheduled visits, they will cost you less, and it is cheaper than some of those competitors that service your home bi-monthly.

Size of property:

The property size depends a lot because many companies will cost you depending upon the perimeter of the home. During your initial call, they will ask for the square footage of your home and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and decide how expensive it will be.

Size of infestation:

Larger and more deeply rooted infestations will cost you more than the smaller ones. Due to severity, it may require some additional products or treatments, which can increase the overall cost.


A technician will charge a bit if your home is remote or hard to access because it costs to travel. For example, if your location is more prone to pest issues, the rate will differ from others.

Type of pests:

Numerous types of pests can infiltrate your home. Due to different structures, some pests are easier to treat. For the most accurate solution to your pest problem, it’s best to contact a local pest control company.

Type of treatment:

The extension of the infestation depends upon the type of pest, the size of your home, and the pest control company that will suggest the best treatment for the best results. The price of pest control treatment will undoubtedly vary from using sprays to purify your home.

Termite treatment cost:

The termite treatment can be solved in a single, simple visit or complicated as extensive fumigation. Therefore the cost of termite treatment can range from 884.79 UAE to 3415.88 UAE.

Mosquito Control cost:

During citronella candles and bug sprays, they may give you a pardon for getting eaten by mosquitoes. So, pest control services utilize a rush to reduce mosquito spray. It can cost you from 367.30 UAE to 1836.49 UAE

Cockroach Exterminator cost :

 Depending upon the type of treatment your home requires, the cost to exterminate the cockroaches will range from 367.30 UAE to 29383.92 UAE but generally, the average is about 918.25 UAE.

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