How much does HVAC Cost to Clean?

HvAC Clean

Many homeowners desire to keep their inside home air as clean as possible. According to the National Air duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air duct cleaning costs range from 984.36 UAE to 1799.77 UAE, with the national average at 1384.72 UAE.


  • The homeowner will have to pay between 984.36 UAE to 1799.77 for the air duct cleaning.
  • Several factors will affect the cost, such as the area and type of Ductwork, the home’s geographic location, and the contamination level.
  • Duct cleaning will help keep your duct safe from getting dunked up with debris or any other impurities added to the air.
  • Some professionals will demand the cost based on the number of supply and return vents in the system.


Duct cleaning will depend on the ductwork size. Air duct cleaners will charge you by the vent or square foot, costing you about 91.82 UAE to 183.65 UAE. To find out the average price, we can count each duct of the system, and then multiply it by 128.55 UAE. If an air duct cleaning company offers you a meager price, they become aware because the fine print may include the whole house flat fee that isn’t disclosed until after the cleaners arrive at your home.

If the professional charges you by square foot, it will cost you about 0.51 UAE to 0.92 UAE per square foot. The total price can run from 826.42 UAE to 1377.37 UAE on average. However, some companies charge you by the system. Then on average, the cleaning cost ranges from 734.60 UAE to 734.60 UAE.


Rodents: Rats, mice, and other pests can begin living in your cooling system. Since these pests can cause potential health hazards, you should deal with the infestation because, in that case, you will have to meet an exterminator before the air duct cleaners proceed. It costs about 624.41 UAE to 1909.95 UAE, and it can be more expensive In case of severe infestation.

Mold and Mildew:

There is a vast difference between mildew and hazardous mold because some fungus sheds dangerous spores that may cause respiratory infections. You can define remediation as eradicating mold and ensuring it doesn’t grow back. For this purpose, you must meet a particular contractor and pay about 7345.98 UAE to 22037.94 UAE.


The geographical location of your home and the place of your ducts decide the cost due to the accessibility of professional cleaners.

Different types of Ductwork

There are many types of Ductwork. There is Ductwork that comes in different materials and needs other cleaning methods. For example, fiberglass ducts can be vacuumed, air washed, or power brushed. Therefore it is essential to talk with the duct cleaning company about the unique equipment required to clean your home’s Ductwork.


Some companies will also apply the cost of inspection, and air duct inspection costs range from 275.47 UAE to 459.12 UAE. In this process, a camera is used to inspect Ductwork to check the presence of damage, pests, and insulation issues.

Asbestos Removal

Removing asbestos materials in the heating and cooling system requires specialized procedures, which specially trained professionals do. Its cost depends on its extension, but the national average is about 18.36 UAE to 73.46 UAE per square foot.


Many homes can provide free entry to duct through their basement or utility room.

Also, in this case, they will cost you extra If they have difficulty reaching that area in the attic or tight crawl spaces.

Duct Cleaning Company

If you want to have your duct cleaned, the cost will depend on the company. The standard national services charge you about 734.60 UAE to 3672.99 UAE, but these prices can increase depending upon the company level in the market.


If you are considering ac maintenance and office cleaning, it is crucial to keep in mind the tangible and proven advantages of these services. When investing in professional cleaners, make sure they focus on cleaning the functional components of your HVAC system. While HVAC systems can be costly, regular maintenance will ensure that your conditioner operates smoothly and creates an allergy-free environment within your air.

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