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How Does a Clean Office Space Boost the Productivity of Employees? | Ideal Cleaning

Presenting an organized and confident workplace environment is a crucial task for office managers. A cluttered office is also physically challenging for employees to work efficiently. Your employees might not feel relaxed and productive to meet deadlines while seeing a mess everywhere. Of course, a messy desk leads to a messy mind.

Read this guide to find how a clean office space increases your productivity. Ideal Cleaning is a certified cleaning service company in Dubai to create a healthy environment for everyone.

Have a look at some statistics related to your workplace hygiene and productivity.

  • Probably, your office keyboard has more than 7500 bacteria on it. You can contact thousands of germs in a single touch.
  • Several viruses including common cold & flu and COVID-19 stay up to 24 hours on the surfaces. It means you can get them anytime.
  • On average, each employee takes 9 official leaves because of being sick. This is directly related to workplace unhealthy conditions.
  • You will be shocked to know that your office desk has 400 different germs as your toilet contain. Probably, you won’t like to sit there.

If you are an office or business owner, it can be an alarming situation for you. You cannot ignore these statistics to boost the productivity of your employees. Book office cleaning services to increase the productivity of your employees!

Harvard University has conducted research to highlight the importance of workplace hygiene and cleaning services for offices. This research was conducted among 100 students. Half of them were exposed to an extremely clean and well-maintained workplace environment while the rest of them were exposed to a cluttered and gross and workplace environment.

To check the importance of cleanliness and workplace hygiene, the students from both of these two groups were given a puzzle to solve. Although the puzzle was technically impossible to solve yet the researchers were interested in finding the time taken by each group to solve this puzzle before giving up.

The students who were placed in a healthy workplace environment took 18.5 minutes before giving up on the puzzle. On other hand, students who were placed in an unhealthy workplace environment took 11 minutes before giving up on the puzzle. It clearly indicates the importance of getting cleaning services for offices.


The researchers also demonstrated that how a cluttered environment affects the mental abilities of the employees. Similarly, a clean workplace environment significantly boosts the productivity of employees. If you have a large number of employees working under you, get regular office cleaning services to generate more revenue.

A clean and healthy workplace environment also leaves a positive image while interacting with your clients. Hence, you will start feeling good about your life and workplace environment. It also contributes to your business’s success. You will see a significant increase in a number of investments. Additionally, your employees will start working diligently with fewer off days.

If you are in search of commercial cleaning services in Dubai, look no further than Ideal Cleaning. We offer trusted and affordable services at your doorstep, specializing in sofa cleaning and window cleaning. Contact us today to experience our top-notch cleaning solutions.

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