How Can I Manage to Keep Dust Away from my Home?




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How I Manage To keep The Dust Away From Home

Do your home capture dust and dirt quickly? Do you clean your home regularly? Are you tired of cleaning it every other day? It means that you live in a dusty home. Many people even do not realize this fact. It does not matter how often you clean your home, it will capture dust sooner or later. Large windows, spacious balconies, picturesque galleries, and extensive gardens look aesthetically beautiful, but in reality, you have to spend a lot of time on maintenance.

You can find amazing ideas to keep the dust away from your home in this article. Contact Ideal Cleaning to get professional deep cleaning servicesfor your home, villa or office spaces in Dubai at your doorstep.

1# Bookshelves & racks:

The racks, mantles, or bookshelves contain a plethora of daily routine items. For example, photos, decoration pieces, car keys, and many other things. Moreover, the wood décor items trap the dust more frequently than glass objects. The spaces between the two objects are perfect for dust and germ particles to live. Do not skip weekly cleaning of racks, mantles, or bookshelves. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the area. It takes a lot of time. Get home cleaning services in Dubai and red your favorite while sitting on a sofa.

2# Ceiling fans, AC ducts, fridge, & light fixtures:

Well, ceiling fans or AC ducts trap dust particles and make a layer on the surface. This dust-coated layer gets thicken over time. You have to turn on fans at high speed to reduce the appearance of the dust-coated film. Obviously, it will leave a terrible impression on your guests. Moreover, the frames of light fixtures capture grease spots over time. We often ignore the top of the fridge and coils located behind it. Sometimes we feel too lazy to clean these hard-to-reach areas. Leave this job on experts and enjoy your snacks.

3# Windows & doors:

Have you ever noticed dust on window and door frames? Today, we have modern-design windows and doors with delicate woodcraft on the surface. If you have a dusty home, get ready to clean them weekly. Take a bucket full of warm water, add dish was soap, and wipe the windows with a sponge. Some windows are too high to reach. Likewise, cleaning wooden doors is a tricky job. You can go for window cleaning services in Dubai to give a sparkling look to your home’s interior.

4# Carpets, centerpieces, & rugs:

Vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum your carpets & rugs daily. Go for deep-cleaning services usually after one month. The frequency of vacuuming carpets and rugs depends upon their use. If you have placed carpets in high-traffic areas, you have to develop daily cleaning habits. If you have installed rugs in drawing rooms, you can go for weekly vacuum cleaning services. The high-pressure vacuum filters capture hair, pet dander, dust, and leftover food pieces. Properly ventilate the area before vacuuming the surface to circulate fresh air.

Ideal Cleaning also offers floor cleaning services to keep your home free from all types of germs and dust particles.

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