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Are you planning to move in or move out of your apartment? Cleaning kitchen cabinets, sanitization of the bathroom, thoroughly cleaning the bedroom, washing curtains, mopping the floor, vacuum cleaning upholstery items, and scrubbing the general surface is very challenging. It can be tiring or time-consuming at the same time. Stop worrying about it when you can hire experienced cleaners. If you are looking for a professional deep cleaning company, you are at the right place.

Deep Cleaning Dubai

Deep cleaning of homes, apartments, offices, or shopping centers is very important. Indoor air pollution is a leading cause of respiratory disorders in Dubai. As the climate of Dubai is hot, humid, and arid, it supports the growth of microorganisms. Additionally, everyone uses an HVAC system to beat the heat. The indoor circulation of stale air negatively affects your health. It also reduces efficiency and increases your expenditures. However, regular deep cleaning in Dubai improves your overall health and boosts your mental capabilities.

Ideal Cleaning provides high-quality deep cleaning services in Dubai at very affordable rates. We have decades of experience & excellence in providing outclassed services to satisfy our customers. We aim to make your home free of germs, bacteria, pathogens, and dirt. The main agenda of our team members is to create a healthy indoor environment for our clients. We are also specialized in providing emergency deep cleaning services to assist our clients at their suitable times. Just dial our number and our professional cleaners will be at your doorstep in just a few minutes!

We aim to use sustainable and environment-friendly chemicals to ensure your health. All these chemicals impose health hazards. Our licensed team members receive regular training to meet industry-specific requirements. Our deep cleaning services company is equipped with the latest machinery to clean hard-to-reach areas. The selection of the cleaning procedure is entirely based on the requirements of the area. We leave your apartment, home, or office squeaky clean to live a healthy life.

We also provide free estimation for move-in cleaning in Dubai to establish the trust of our clients. However, the estimated rates are based on multiple factors. It includes the size of the facility, type of treatment, machinery & chemicals required for treatment, and the total number of crew members. Please note that deep cleaning service charges may vary as per the recent trends and current market rates. Get a free estimation for the home, apartment, villa, or office deep cleaning now!
Our deep cleaning company in Dubai believes in providing a custom-made strategy to ensure the best deep cleaning. The selection of treatment is entirely based on your requirements. First, our experienced cleaners analyze your area and understand your requirements. Then, we choose the best machinery and green chemicals for treatment. Once the treatment is done, we perform several tests to ensure your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, we leave no stone unturned to go beyond your expectations.

Our Exclusive Deep Cleaning Services


We provide 24/7 deep cleaning services for all sectors at market-competitive rates. It includes:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industries
  • Educational Institutes
  • Healthcare Centers & Hospitals
  • Gyms & Yoga Centers

Please specify your premises at the time of booking to ensure the best services by our experienced team members.

Why Choose Our Deep Cleaning Services

  • 24×7 availability of staff members
  • Licensed, experienced, and dedicated cleaners
  • Equipped with the latest machinery
  • Use eco-friendly & green cleaning chemicals
  • Offer free estimation
  • Maintain excellent cleaning standards
  • Ensure 100% satisfaction of customers
  • Design a tailor-made strategy
  • Up-front prices
  • Offer emergency deep cleaning services


What Is Included In Our Deep Cleaning Services?

We hold the expertise to provide move-in deep cleaning in Dubai to get a clean & healthy indoor environment. Our general services include:

  • Sanitization & disinfection of the bathroom
  • Cleaning the kitchen cabinets, countertops, sinks, and electric appliances
  • Cleaning bedrooms & living rooms
  • Vacuum cleaning of upholstery items
  • Cleaning HVAC system
  • Mopping & disinfection of floor
  • Cleaning water tanks
  • Cleaning of HVAC system

If you are intended to book other than the above-mentioned services, please inform us at the time of booking to meet your requirements.

We recommend our customers booking a deep cleaning service after every 6 months to ensure their hygiene and health. We have a team of experienced and dedicated team members who are available 24 hours to serve our clients. Schedule residential or commercial deep cleaning with our professional team members! Keep visiting our website to find the best deals.


Deep cleaning involves detailed cleaning of all the surfaces ensuring complete removal of dust, dirt, and germs. Besides intensive cleaning, it also involves sanitization and disinfection. It includes Dusting the ceiling fans, exhaust fans, or vents. Dusting & sanitization of all the surfaces. Disinfection of bathroom tiles, floor, sink, bathtub, shower curtains, toilet, and faucets. Cleaning & sanitization of kitchen countertops, sink, drawers, cabins, stove, and other appliances. Vacuum cleaning of the floor. Cleaning windows & doors. Deep cleaning bedroom, living room, and dining room.
Deep cleaning takes approximately 1-4 hours depending on the size of the area, type of treatment, and the total number of maids.
Standard cleaning is performed daily, weekly, or monthly. It involves general cleaning of the surfaces. However, Deep cleaning is performed after every six months. It involves cleaning all hard-to-reach areas, removing germs, dusting all surfaces, and disinfecting the areas.
Regular cleaning helps to clean areas. It prolongs the duration of the efficacy of deep cleaning. However, deep cleaning after every six months is necessary to maintain a clean, germ-free, and dust-free corner.
If you feel the dirt, dust, or a foul smell in your house, it is a sign to start deep cleaning. You are getting allergies, respiratory problems, or other symptoms of sickness. You find visible clutter in the rooms. You can see visible dust on all surfaces giving a negative effect.
Generally, maids charge approximately AED 1500 - AED 3000 for deep cleaning a house. However, charges may vary as per the square feet area, type of treatment, and the total number of maids.
The average cost for deep cleaning starts from AED 50 per hour. Identify your area and the time required for deep cleaning. Multiply the cost by the area. Moreover, you can ask for estimated rates from experienced team members by sharing your details.
Step 1: Cleaning – it involves cleaning dust, dirt, and other impurities from surfaces. Step 2: Disinfection – it involves eliminating bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, and other pathogens. Step 3: Sanitization – it involves cleaning and killing germs using chemicals.
1: Detergents (clean the surface removing stains and dirt) 2: Degreasers (remove grease and oil stains) 3: Abrasives (harsh cleaners to remove soil and dirt from the surfaces maintaining a spotless area) 4: Acids (comes in variable strengths to remove tough stains, scums, rust, or mineral deposits).
Yes, absolutely it is worth it. Deep cleaning ensures the removal of dirt, dust, and germs from all surfaces. It keeps the area refreshed and maintains your health. It creates a healthy indoor environment to maintain the highest possible living standards.
Yes, it can be completed in one day. However, the total time required for deep cleaning depends on the total square feet area, type of treatment, and the total number of maids.
Pick all precious items. Remove furniture from the floor. Cover the surfaces. Keep your pets and kids away from the area of treatment. Keep ceiling fans or air-conditioning systems off. Turn on exhaust fans and other vents. Ask your maids before starting deep cleaning treatments.
Deep cleaning of a room takes approximately 30-45 minutes. However, the total duration for deep cleaning also depends on the square feet area, type of treatment, and the number of maids.
Typical cleaning including mopping the floor, dusting light fixtures, walls, ceiling fans, vents, and furniture, cleaning the bathroom & kitchen, removing trash bins, doing laundry, and dusting the surfaces is considered normal cleaning.
Keeping a clean home promotes your health, maintains a refreshing environment, and protects you from diseases. Usually, weekly cleaning is the minimal level of cleaning your house. It saves your home from dirt, dust, and germs. However, deep cleaning is necessary for the long-term cleanliness of the area.

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Jimy RAJimy RA
12:40 29 Nov 22
I had spent a few weeks searching online for a reliable end-of-tenancy cleaner, having had some bad experiences in the past. I was very happy to find and choose Ideal Cleaning Cleaners! They were able to accommodate all services I was looking for (including deep cleaning of carpet and cleaning of the balcony) and were quick to answer any questions I had. The cleaning quality was of a very high standard and when my landlord requested additional touch ups the team was very helpful in resolving them under their 7-day guarantee. Overall Ideal Cleaning Cleaners did an excellent job and I am very happy with the results – thank you!
Kain CoxKain Cox
04:42 25 Nov 22
Your team just finished cleaning my windows and I just wanted to say how great they were. The windows are clean (naturally!) but the guys were so pleasant, as well as on time, quick and professional. Anyway, I thought they were great.High recommend Ideal cleaning.
Sami JohanSami Johan
17:58 22 Oct 22
Great service! booked the night before and the cleaner was here 9 am sharp! probably first time someone did a very good job on cleaning the apartment. Great service! easy to pay online and hassle free. I really like this cleaning company👍👍
Zoya AliZoya Ali
17:49 21 Oct 22
My experience with ideal cleaning was a very positive one. Workers were on time and professional. My duct/fan clean was a job some others refused because of the grease build up but they were dedicated and got it all sorted out. A+ for price, quality of service and being in time. Received certificate and photos.
Rehman ShaRehman Sha
17:44 12 Oct 22
Excellent job done by ideal cleaner and same day service. We had stains all along the carpeting in the communal area of our house and Deep Clean did a great and professional job. We have used other service providers before and they are the best we have found. Highly recommended.

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