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Common Problems In Air Conditioning System And How To Fix Them

There are some problems which can occur in your ac system. The detail of these problems is given below.

  1. Electrical Problems

One of the primary concerns that often arises during AC maintenance is the fear of turning on your air conditioning and hearing complete silence. This situation commonly occurs due to malfunctioning electrical components or wiring faults within the system. In such cases, it becomes necessary to address the issue by troubleshooting the circuit breaker panel. Nevertheless, if your AC unit remains unresponsive even after this step, it is likely that the thermostat of the air conditioner is the culprit causing the problem.

There also may be another issue if your ac is running but cannot reach a set temperature, it might be due to the accumulation of dust and grime in your air conditioner filter. This problem can be the reason for frozen AC coils and to solve this problem regular AC maintenance is necessary.

On the other way if at the desired temperature if your AC unit can cool but continuously run all the time, the problem can be controlled. To solve this problem you need to replace your thermostat. If you cannot fix some issues with your ac then you should contact the best ac cleaning company for ac duct cleaning in Dubai.


  1. Problem In Condenser

Leak problems and faults in tubes within seals can cause condenser failure. After use, for more time these tubes can break, and you cannot fix this problem by yourself only a professional technician can fix this problem to make your AC work again.

Unwanted particles and debris may be the cause of condenser problems. The coil of your air conditioner that is filled with refrigerant from the surrounding air absorbs the heat like a sponge. With the airflow, if something goes wrong the evaporator coil becomes excessively cold. A faulty condenser will cause the AC to throw warm air.

  1. Low Charge Of Refrigerant

Low refrigerant can result in low temperatures and freezing of the evaporator coil. Behind this, there is a leakage problem and this is the reason why your air conditioner would be low on refrigerant. Only expert and licensed AC technicians of cleaning services in Dubai can detect this problem the best way.

  1. Dirty Ducts

Through the ceiling, the ductwork that runs and the walls carry the cooled air. Sometimes rodents can cause holes in the ducts, and inside your walls, that expensive cooled air gets trapped. Naturally, dirty will make your air conditioner work harder and also increases your electricity bills.

5. Clogged Filter

If your HVAC system filter is clogged, your AC overheats. On your ac system as there is more pressure, your AC heats up efficiently. For a long time when your AC filters remain dirty, your AC will end up consuming more power and escalating your utility bills.

However, out of your furnace, you can take the filter to clean it easily. Clean the filter thoroughly with warm water. Reinstall it to check if the AC is cooling the surroundings to dry your filter. If the problem persists, to replace the old one you may need to buy a new filter.

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